Nigerian Food

We bring the Buka experience to your doorstep

“Buka” is a Nigerian word meaning a casual restaurant. 

We are a UK-based Nigerian food delivery service. Our menu includes some of the major recipes from Nigeria. We also take special custom Naija recipe orders (Terms and Conditions apply). 

We preserve the Nigerian taste and authentic aroma

Nigerian recipes are some of the world’s tastiest and most nutritious meals. At Bukafood, we are committed to delivering the Naija meal experience to your doorsteps. Whatever your preference, we have a wide and diverse variety of stews and soups to cater to all cravings.

Are you ordering for later? Not to worry, you can refrigerate. All our dishes are microwave-ready in just 3 minutes

Tastes as good as the look

Prepared with fresh and natural ingredients

Cooked by expert chefs and nutritionists

Competent delivery system


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